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  Important Note: Your personal account may not have all of the the Tax Form Management features described below. Employers can choose to offer one or more features when they decided to offer this service.  

Tax Form Management automates the W-2 process, including printing and distributing original statements, reissuing W-2s, and facilitating corrections.

  • W-2 Reprint (Reissue) - Get instant and secure access to a copy of your W-2, in case you misplace, never received, or simply need additional copies of the original tax form.

  • Original W-2  - Online delivery of your original W-2 gives you access to your statement earlier than the traditional process of receiving your W-2 by mail. It also eliminates the chance that your W-2 will get lost, misdirected, or delayed during delivery. Online delivery of your original W-2 is only available for select employers. Tax Form Management also offers traditional paper delivery options.

  • Correction to Your W-2 - Request corrections of any mistakes on your original W-2. Not all employers offer the ability to request corrections online.

  • Other Account Features - Review your orders and shipping status, contact customer service, and use the many calculators and other helpful information available in your account resource center. The resource center also includes tax advice, information, and discounted services from experts like TurboTax.

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