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Detailed Service Features

Detailed Service Features

Original Issue of W-2 Wage and Tax Form Services

The "original issue" W-2 feature of Tax Form Management allows clients to outsource the printing and distribution of federal W-2 statements for their active and former employees as well as the electronic furnishing (delivery) of original W-2 statements to consenting employees.

Furnishing, or delivering, the original W-2 online, instead of printing and mailing that form, provides a significant cost savings opportunity.

Clients create a complete W-2 data file and submit it for testing and production processing so that the W-2 statements can be printed and distributed or furnished electronically according to production schedules by January 31st. The client must provide the data in the designated file format that is purposefully very similar to the standard Social Security Administration's MMREF-1 file format. This same file is used for all Tax Form Management services.

The W-2 statements are printed on paper that meets the United States Postal Service regulations and the form is a substitute Form W-2 that meets the SSA's requirements. The printing for all W-2 statements is laser quality, providing a statement that is easy to read. Mailing services are available to addresses within the United States and foreign locations.

The W-2 statements can also be shipped to one or more client locations for distribution to the employees.

Reprint(Reissue) Service

The reissue feature is designed to allow 24-hour access to a reissued W-2. Employees can request copies of their current and prior year's W-2 statements.

Employees access Tax Form Management via the Web or the telephone.

They can print their reissued W-2 online, download it to their computer as an electronic file, have it faxed, or even mailed. They can also download the W-2 information into leading tax preparation software and services making tax time easier than ever.

Correction Service

The correction feature is designed to allow employees to request a corrected W-2 (W-2c), collect and present such requests in an organized manner to the employer, and issue corrected W-2 statements when appropriate. TheTax Form Management process consists of the following steps:

  • collect the reason(s) for a corrected W-2;
  • present the information to the employer;
  • evaluate and either approve or decline the request;
  • communicate the results to the employee;
  • issue a corrected W-2 when needed.

The data is added to the database and W-2c statements are included with a reissued W-2. W-2c statements can be mailed to employees, and authorized administrators can also generate W-2c statements online.

CD-ROM Archive

The optional CD-ROM Archive is a copy of all original W-2 Wage and Tax Statements. The CD-ROM Archive comes with software to allow the employer to search, sort, view, print or export the W-2 statements.

Tax Products

Tax Form Management has partnered with the leading tax preparation software and service providers to offer additional services to our employers and their employees. These partners include:

  • Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
  • TurboTax
  • Liberty Tax Service
  • CompleteTaxTM
  • TaxACT
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